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Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol 20 (Suppl. 2) July 2010

This special issue on ‘incentives’ in one of the world’s top public administration journals was edited by George Boyne and Christopher Hood and contains six articles bringing together the PSP’s work on incentives and public services.

The papers are: Richard Cookson, Mark Dusheiko Geoffrey Hardman and Stephen Martin (‘Competition and Inequality’); Martin Chalkley, Colin Tilley, Linda Young, Debbie Bonetti, and Jan Clarkson (‘Incentives for Dentists in Public Service’); Paul Fenn, Alastair Gray, Neil Rickman, Dev Vencappa, Oliver Rivero and Emanuela Lotti (‘Enterprise liability, risk pooling and diagnostic Care’); Lucinda Platt, Maurice Sunkin and Kerman Calvo (Judicial Review Litigation as an Incentive to Change in Local Authority Public Services in England and Wales); George Boyne, Oliver James, Peter John and Nicolai Petrovsky (Does Public Service Performance Affect Top Management Turnover?); and Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon (‘The Political Payoff from Performance Target Systems’). George Boyne and Christopher Hood’s editorial is entitled ‘Incentives: New Research on an Old Problem’.