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Home » Library » Managing as designing: ‘opportunity knocks’ for the IS field?

Abstract: In response to anxieties about our discipline’s decline, this opinion piece ‘looks to the future’, arguing a strong prospectus for the IS field, based on its direct relevance to general management practice. The thesis set out is inspired by the recent upsurge in interest in ‘managing as designing’. Reformulating management as design, I argue that we have a formidable knowledge-base of tools, theories and critique relevant to any manager, not just the MIS-inclined specialist. A case study of yet another failed information system (in U.K. children’s services) is presented to show just how uniquely relevant our discipline is, in the workplace of today. Other pertinent issues are explored, such as synergies with the growing vogue for evidence-based management. The paper concludes by considering implications for research, including the need for a less exclusive approach to publishing and dissemination emphasising the need to make our work more accessible to lay practitioners. 

Wastell D. (2010) ‘ Managing as designing: ‘opportunity knocks’ for the IS field?‘ Opinion Piece, European Journal of Information Systems, online publication 1 June 2010