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Wednesday, 1st November, 2006

Were star-ratings a good way to measure the performance of the NHS, and is the Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) an effective measure of local authority performance? How do public servants react to performance related pay? And, should we trust the myriad of public service league tables that are increasingly bestowed upon us?

You can find the answers to these questions and many more in the poster summaries of provisional findings from our first 14 projects available in the Library section of this website. These posters were used to present provisional findings to the Scottish Executive, the National and Economic Social Forum in Ireland and the English Treasury, where Permanent Secretary, Nick Macpherson, said he was pleased ‘about how many tackle the key issues in public services’. This positive reception has convinced us to make them available on our website, even though some are still a work in progress. Keep checking back for updates and the discussion papers that will accompany the posters.

The 14 posters can also be found in the corresponding project section of the Research Projects section of this website.