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Monday, 21st May, 2007

Three new discussion papers are available to download from the Library section of this website. They have arisen from the investigations of Allyson Pollock and her team into financial incentives and discharge policies, specifically the Community Care (Delayed Discharges) Act (2003).

The Community Care Act aimed to reduce the number of ‘blocked’ hospital beds by allowing hospitals to charge social service departments (SSDs) for failures to arrange post-hospital care leading to delayed discharge. The three papers consist of a) a survey of the implementation of the CCA to discover to what extent the option of charging SSDs was utilised and how this affected working relationships between hospitals and SSDs, b) a quantitative examination of government data to see whether the CCA worked and delayed discharges were reduced, and c) a qualitative investigation in to how the CCA affected hospitals and SSDs in the boroughs of Camden and Islington, London.