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Thursday, 29th September, 2005

Programme Director, Professor Christopher Hood, writes in the new issue of PUBLIC: ESADE’s Institute of Public Management (IDGP) newsletter

The article, ‘Arrows, Circles and Hybrids: Controlling Modern Government,’ appears in the Nº 06 Setembre de 2005 issue and can be read at:
How are public services controlled in modern government? What is common and different about such controls across different government systems? And how have those controls changed over the past generation? Such questions are central to contemporary debates about ‘new public management’, ‘audit explosions’ and other ideas about paradigm change in modern government. But scholars are only slowly coming to examine these questions in a systematic way.

PUBLIC is designed to create a forum for ideas, dissemination, training and debate with regard to public management. For more information and free registration, visit: