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Home » Past Events » Mapping the Futures Workshop 2004

An ESRC funded 2-day workshop held 19-20 April 2004 at the University of Oxford that focused on understanding continuing changes in the academic public administration community. The following documents include a summary of the workshop and a selection of the papers and presentations given during the two day event.

Prof Andrew Massey, ‘Mapping the Futures: Workshop Report’ (pdf)

Prof George Boyne, ‘Explaining Public Service Performance: Does Management Matter’ (pdf)

Prof Jane Broadbent & Prof Richard Laughlin, ‘Striving for Excellence in Public Service Delivery: Experiences from an Analysis of the Private Finance Initiative’ (pdf)

Prof Colin Talbot, Consilience and Performance in the ‘Art of State’ (pdf)

Prof Simon Burgess, ‘Incentives in the Delivery of Public Service’ (PowerPoint)

Prof Sue Richards, ‘Mapping the Future’ (PowerPoint)