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Whit's the neb?*

A Scottish Perspective on Public Services Performance and Reform

In recent years, attempts to drive up standards in Scotland’s public services have resulted in a period of substantial reform. The aim is to improve public service performance by creating a clearer, simpler and more effective public sector, but how can this be achieved? What is the existing knowledge-base on reforming and managing public services? What are the lessons that emerge from other countries as well as from within the Scottish context? How can the dialogue across and collaboration between academics, practitioners and policy makers interested in this area be furthered? This fellowship addresses these issues. It

What the research means for policy makers and the wider community

Research methods

The study includes:

* ‘Whit’s the neb?’ is Scottish slang for ‘What’s new?’

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Project Poster 2009

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Research Team

Tobias Jung (Edinburgh University)

Tobias Jung (Edinburgh University)

Tobias is a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh Business School and an associate of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation (RURU). His research interests include: public sector management, evidence-based policy and practice, policy transfer, lesson-drawing and knowledge management, the nature and operating of policy networks.