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Home » Past Events » Symposium on Institutions, Incentives and Public Sector Performance

The Oxford Policy Institute arranged this meeting held at The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London on 18th January 2008. Researchers and practitioners were asked to reflect on  public sector reform, the use of incentives and how this relates to good governance in different sectors.Discussion led to three emergent themes: how often do some forms of incentives undermine others; how far can local goverment services be managed ‘by numbers’ by top-down agencies; and, what role does leadership play in the performance and delivery of public services?

Christopher Hood was invited to provide an overview of the themes being addressed. Programme researcher Peter John presented a paper on  Comprehensive Performance Assessment and whether it pitches efficiency versus fairness? Clive Grace and Steve Martin discussed improvements in local government provision and future prospects. Matt Andrews, from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, asked whether a theory of government is needed to measure governmental performance? 

Papers are available from the OPI website: