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Home » Past Events » ‘And that’s official’…Credibility and Government Statistics

Can we trust official statistics? What makes them trusted and trustworthy? And why do so many Britons mistrust official statistics?††These issues and more were discussed at an event organised to mark the formation of the new UK Statistics Authority†.††The debate was held at the Oxford Community School during the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences (10 March 2008) . Sixth form students from five Oxford schools attended††and put their questions to†a panel chaired by Sir Michael Scholar and including† Andrew Dilnot, Denise Lievesley, Peter C. Smith, Peter Elias and Deborah Wilson. esrc-debate-1.jpg

The speakers†discussed statistical puzzles and paradoxes, such as:

If you are interested in watching the speakers’ solutions to these questions a DVD is available. If you are interested in receiving a copy please contact