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Monday, 28th July, 2008

We know that overseas trained and ethnic minority doctors are disproportionately more likely to be subject to fitness to practise proceedings in the UK. Overseas trained doctors constitute around 38% of the workforce, but two thirds of the 54 doctors struck off in 2006 were trained overseas, and overseas-trained doctors are disproportionately represented relative to their numbers at each stage of fitness to practise disciplinary proceedings, from complaints to formal hearings. What we don’t know is why that is or what mechanisms are in play to produce this outcome.

To try to throw some light on this matter, the Programme, in collaboration with the UK General Medical Council, has commissioned three inter-related research projects. Led by Charlotte Humphrey (King’s College, London) and Aneez Esmail (Manchester) with several other researchers, these projects aim to:

Visit the project page for more information.