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Home » Past Events » Onwards and upwards: how junior doctors learn to cope when changing environments and responsibilities

17 October 2008, RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London

 All doctors experience many transitions during both their training and subsequent careers. These transitions include changes in status and seniority, changes in geographical location, change of speciality and change of clinical team. The links between transitions and medical performance have not been systematically investigated although, generally, transitions are known to be associated with increased risk of adverse incidents. Understanding the links between transitions and medical performance requires both better empirical evidence and conceptual thinking. The purpose of this conference was to consider the research findings from recent ESRC and GMC funded projects and identify implications for policy, practice and further research.

This Association of Medical Education (ASME) conference was organised by Trudie Roberts’ team at Leeds University to involve stakeholders in discussions of the Programme’s key findings from its research on medical transitions, and develop implications for policy, practice and research.  Jan Illing’s team from Newcastle also spoke about their Programme research on the experiences of medical graduates making the transition to the UK workplace.

Presentations from the day are available on the ASME website.