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Programme research fellow Mary Dixon-Woods organised a one-day workshop looking at the regulation of doctors. Speakers included Charles Bosk (Pennsylvania) who is well known for his work on doctors (Forgive and Remember) and decision-making on ethical issues who spoke about his current Robert Wood Johnson Fellowship work on patient safety. The president of the British Academy, Baroness Onora O’Neill  presented a practical look at issues of trust and Professor David Mechanic of Rutgers University spoke on the functions and limits of trust. Professor Sally Lloyd Bostock discussed trust and risk-based regulation of doctors. Practitioners and patients views on trust were also aired.

The full programme  for the workshop is available to download (pdf):  Trust and the Regulation of Doctors Workshop Programme 

Presentations from the day are now available (pdf):

‘A Practical Look at Trust’ Onora O’Neill, British Academy

‘The Functions and Limits of Trust’ David Mechanic, Rutgers University

‘Trust and Risk-Based Regulation of Doctors’ Sally Lloyd-Bostock, London School Of Economics

‘Doctors and the Custody of Virtue’ Mary Dixon Woods, University of Leicester

‘Safety and Trust: Bringing the Workers Back In’ Charles Bosk, Unniversity of Pennsylvania

‘A Patient’s View on Trust’  Hazel Thornton, Independent Advocate for Quality in Healthcare and Research

‘A Doctor’s View on Trust’ Ben Bridgewater, University Hospitals of South Manchester

‘Regulating Doctors: Challenges for the Future’ Paul Philip, General Medical Council

 The seminar was held on 13th January 2009 at Goodenough College, London.  

A report on the issues will be available from the Programme website later in 2009.