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Wednesday, 11th March, 2009

Novel Programme research by Tim Leunig and Nick Crafts has analysed timetabled rail journeys between the surburbs and London, between the pre-war period and the present day, only to find that some journeys now take even longer than they did in the 1930’s.

Commuter journeys ‘slower than before the war’, Daily Telegraph, 5/3/2009

Commuter journeys ‘getting slower’ , Daily Mirror, 6/3/2009

Rail journeys to work ‘take longer than 70 years ago’, Daily Mail, 6/3/2009

Commuter journeys ‘slower than pre-war days’ The Metro, 6/3/2009

1930’s rail beats 09, The Sun, 7/3/2009

For more information about the research these stories are based on, including a discussion paper that compares how railways were regulated in Victorian times with modern regulation, please visit the project page.