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Public Attitudes to Public Services
Scottish Centre for Social Research, Edinburgh

17th March 2009

This seminar was arranged by the Programme* for a select audience of Scottish Government policy-makers, practitioners and academics. John Curtice (Strathclyde University) presented sessions on ‘Public attitudes to choice and diversity’ and ‘Devolution: differences and non-differences’, drawing on his research recently published in the British Social Attitudes Survey. Peter John (University of Manchester) presented a session entitled, ‘Exit, Voice and Loyalty in UK Public Services’ giving results from a five year panel survey examining citizen’s satisfaction with the services they receive, the ‘exit’ options they consider – moving house, using private services, shifting public service providers – and the ‘voice’ options they adopt to try to improve the services they receive. And Will Jennings (University of Manchester) spoke about ‘Policy-opinion Responsiveness and Performance Politics: Evidence from the UK’ including discussion of findings from a longitudinal analysis of policy-opinion responsiveness of UK government between 1959 and 2001. Programme Director, Christopher Hood, chaired the seminar.

Presentations from the day are available to view in PowerPoint:

Devolution Differences? John Curtice

Choice and Diversity? John Curtice

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in Urban Politics Peter John

Policy-Opinion Responsiveness and Performance Politics: Evidence from the UK Will Jennings


* In collaboration with ScotCen