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Welcome to the Public Services Programme Library. This is where we keep information on the Programme’s publications and other outputs. If you scroll down you will see a list of the latest entries to the library in order of date posted. You can use the tool bar on the right side of this page to filter by publication type; for example, discussion papers. Or, use the search function if you would like to search for a certain theme throughout the different publication types. Enjoy browsing!

Special issue of Journal of Health Organization and Management
November 18th 2010

A special issue of the Journal of Health Organization and Management was published in November 2010. Edited by Mary Dixon-Woods, Justin Waring and Sue Kilminster, the journal issue is… read more

Continuity and Trust in Primary Care – paper by Mary Dixon-Woods and colleagues
September 17th 2010

An article by Mary Dixon-Woods and colleagues has been published in Annals of Family Medicine, a major US medical journal. This article is based on Mary Dixon-Woods’ PSP Fellowship… read more

Final Programme Newsletter No 10, Summer 2010
August 12th 2010

Number 10, Summer 2010 (pdf) The final edition of the ESRC Public Services Programme Newsletter – a summary of the Programme’s five-year history, news of recent highlights and publications,… read more

Devolution in practice 2010
July 21st 2010

Devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was a landmark reform, but one born in relatively benign economic and political circumstances. The picture today could not be more different,… read more

Theories of Public Service Improvement:Theories and Evidence
July 21st 2010

Description:  The performance of the public services, from education and policing to health and recycling, is a matter of concern in many countries. Issues of public service efficiency, cost, and… read more

Gaming in Targetworld: The Targets Approach to Managing British Public Services’
July 21st 2010

 Abstract: To what extent did the extensive system of managing public services by targets, introduced by Tony Blair’s New Labour government in the United Kingdom in 1998, reproduce the… read more

Using SitReps performance data to monitor the delayed discharge process
July 20th 2010

Abstract: Situation Reports (SitReps) is an internal Department of Health performance data collecting system. Although intended primarily for internal use, the data are also used to answer parliamentary questions,… read more

Did ‘Targets and Terror’ Reduce Waiting Times in England for Hospital Care?
July 20th 2010

Abstract: Waiting times have been a central concern in the English NHS, where care is provided free at the point of delivery and is rationed by waiting time. Pro-market… read more

Regional variations in public service outcomes: the impact of policy divergence in England, Scotland and Wales
July 9th 2010

Abstract: Analysis of statutory performance indicators reveals statistically significant differences between public service outcomes in England, Scotland, and Wales, even when controlling for other relevant variables. The most significant… read more

Incentives and targets in hospital care: Evidence from a natural experiment
July 8th 2010

Abstract: Performance targets are commonly used in the public sector, despite their well known problems when organisations have multiple objectives and performance is difficult to measure. It is possible… read more

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