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Welcome to the Public Services Programme Library. This is where we keep information on the Programme’s publications and other outputs. If you scroll down you will see a list of the latest entries to the library in order of date posted. You can use the tool bar on the right side of this page to filter by publication type; for example, discussion papers. Or, use the search function if you would like to search for a certain theme throughout the different publication types. Enjoy browsing!

Managing as designing: ‘opportunity knocks’ for the IS field?
July 8th 2010

Abstract: In response to anxieties about our discipline’s decline, this opinion piece ‘looks to the future’, arguing a strong prospectus for the IS field, based on its direct relevance… read more

The Chiasmus of Design: Paradoxical Outcomes in the e-Government Reform of UK Children’s Service
July 8th 2010

Abstract:  This paper describes a detailed ethnographic study of the design problems of a major national IT system in the UK- The Integrated Children’s System (ICS). The implementation of the… read more

Whither Practice-Near Research in the Modernization Programme? Policy Blunders in Children’s Services
July 8th 2010

Abstract: In this article, we lament the effects of practice-distant research and associated policy initiatives on contemporary children’s services in England. In the last decade, as a result of… read more

Children’s services in the iron cage of performance management: street-level bureaucracy and the spectre of Švejkism
July 8th 2010

Abstract:  Recent UK government reforms have introduced a range of measures to regulate practice in child welfare, with professional work increasingly structured into formal processes embedded in information technology. This… read more

Risk, Instrumentalism and the Humane Project in Social Work: Identifying the Informal Logics of Risk Management in Children’s Statutory Services
July 8th 2010

Abstract: This paper addresses growing professional discontents with the increasing formalisation of social work practice exerted through systems of risk management and audit. Drawing on an ESRC-funded study of… read more

Are Public Sector CEOs Different? Leadership Wages and Performance in Schools
July 6th 2010

Abstract: This paper uses a unique data set to investigate the link between the pay and performance of school principals. It is frequently argued that public sector CEOs are… read more

Design-based regulation and patient safety: a regulatory studies perspective
July 6th 2010

Abstract: The optimal choice of regulatory approach for securing patient safety is an important problem. In this review article, we show how insights from the field of regulatory studies… read more

Special Issue of JPART on Incentives edited by George Boyne and Christopher Hood
June 28th 2010

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol 20 (Suppl. 2) July 2010 This special issue on ‘incentives’ in one of the world’s top public administration journals was edited… read more

2020 Public Services Trust Publications
June 18th 2010

In December 2008, the Public Services Trust launched a major new Commission on 2020 Public Services, chaired by Sir Andrew Foster, to recommend the characteristics of a new public… read more

Dans quelle mesure la privation affecte-t-elle le travail des autorités locales anglaises?
June 2nd 2010

Gutiérrez Romero, R., Haubrich D. and McLean I (2010) ‘Dans quelle mesure la privation affecte-t-elle le travail des autorités locales anglaises?’ (To what extent does deprivation affect the work of English local… read more

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