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Welcome to the Public Services Programme Library. This is where we keep information on the Programme’s publications and other outputs. If you scroll down you will see a list of the latest entries to the library in order of date posted. You can use the tool bar on the right side of this page to filter by publication type; for example, discussion papers. Or, use the search function if you would like to search for a certain theme throughout the different publication types. Enjoy browsing!

Evaluating the Expectations Disconfirmation and Expectations Anchoring Approaches to Citizen Satisfaction with Local Public Services
January 15th 2008

Abstract: Expectations disconfirmation and expectations anchoring are two increasingly influential approaches to understanding individuals’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction with public services. This article assesses hypotheses from these approaches for two… read more

DP0706 Did ‘Targets and Terror’ Reduce Waiting Times in England for Hospital Care?
January 7th 2008

Abstract: Waiting times have been a central concern in the English NHS, where care is provided free at the point of delivery and is rationed by waiting time. Pro-market… read more

Performance Assessment and Wicked Issues: The Case of Health Inequalities, Public Policy and Administration
December 12th 2007

Abstract: This article considers the background to one of the projects in the UK Economic and Social Research Council’s Public Services Programme: a major; three-year investigation of how health… read more

Liability, insurance and medical practice
December 12th 2007

Abstract: We test for effects of tort liability on the use of certain diagnostic procedures, where the health care providers’ expected cost of litigation is proxied by the risk-sharing… read more

Mapping Judicial Review across Local Authorities in England and Wales: Deprivation, Lawyers and the Quality of Services
December 12th 2007

‘Mapping Judicial Review across Local Authorities in England and Wales: Deprivation, Lawyers and the Quality of Services’, Maurice Sunkin Public Law, Fall 2007, pp. 545-567.

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Judicial Review in Action: An Empirical Perspective
December 12th 2007

‘Judicial Review in Action: An Empirical Perspective’, Maurice Sunkin, Kerman Kalvo and Varda Bondy Judicial Review, Volume 11, Issue 4.

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Assessing Public Service Performance in Local Authorities Through CPA – A Research Note on Deprivation
December 12th 2007

Abstract: The UK Government places ever-greater weight on performance assessment of local public bodies through comprehensive performance assessments (CPA). However, the CPA assessment framework has been criticised for its… read more

Evaluating the Performance of Local Government : A Comparison of the Assessment Regimes in England, Scotland and Wales
December 12th 2007

Abstract: Compared with most other industrialised nations, the UK government places greatest weight on performance assessments of local authorities as a tool to ensure high levels of public service… read more

The Perils and Pitfalls of Performance Measurement: The CPA Regime for Local Authorities in England
December 12th 2007

Abstract: From 2002 comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) has been used by the Audit Commission to scrutinize service delivery in English local authorities across six service blocks: benefits; social care;… read more

How Do Performance Indicators Add Up? An Examination of Composite Indicators in Public Services
December 12th 2007

Abstract: Composite indicators are an aggregation of underlying performance indicators into a single index and have been used widely in the public sector to create league tables. This article investigates… read more

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