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DP0805 Managing Risk in a High Blame Environment: Making a ‘Flight Deck’ Simulation in Childcare

Abstract Within the everyday work of child welfare services, concern about potential culpability for preventable harm to children known to services is a pre-occupation for practitioners and managers. The… read more

DP0803 – This paper is being revised.

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DP0806 Has Social Care Performance in England Improved? An Analysis of Performance Ratings across Social Services Organisations

Abstract: Performance measurement in the English public sector has been implemented in a top-down manner.  The mechanics of this regime (centralised targets, public reporting of performance data and the… read more

DP0801 Does Judicial Review Influence the Quality of Local Authority Services?

Abstract: This paper raises some of the key issues that have emerged from our study of the impact of judicial review litigation on the quality of local government services… read more

DP0802 Does public service performance affect top management turnover?

 Abstract: Is the turnover of chief executives and other members of top management teams influenced by the performance of their organizations?  We address this question by analysing a panel… read more

DP0705 Comparing For Improvement: Local Government Performance Regimes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Abstract: This paper describes the origins, operation and impact of three performance regimes in England (Comprehensive Performance Assessment), Scotland (Best Value Audits) and Wales (Wales Programme for Improvement). The… read more