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Analysis of the Validity of the Vignette Approach to Correct for Heterogeneity in Reporting Health System Responsiveness

Abstract: Despite the growing popularity of the vignette methodology to deal with self-reported, categorical data, the formal evaluation of the validity of this methodology is still a topic of… read more

Programme Policy Briefing paper “Managing by Numbers”
Monday, November 9th, 2009

A policy briefing paper “Managing by Numbers: the Way to Make Public Services Better?” by Christopher Hood, Ruth Dixon and Deborah Wilson has been published by the ESRC Public… read more

DP0805 Managing Risk in a High Blame Environment: Making a ‘Flight Deck’ Simulation in Childcare

Abstract Within the everyday work of child welfare services, concern about potential culpability for preventable harm to children known to services is a pre-occupation for practitioners and managers. The… read more

DP0808 Litigation and the Quality of Local Government Service Delivery

Introduction This paper moves forward with the statistical analysis presented in an earlier publication on the relationship between judicial review and the quality of services delivered by local authorities… read more

DP0810 The Performance Metrics Boom and Parliamentary Scrutiny and Evidence

Abstract This paper deals with a series of questions which are posed in relation to performance metrics and the practices of parliamentarians as ‘end-users’ scrutinising and evaluating public policies.… read more

DP0809 A Review of Empirical Research on Politicians’ Behaviour as End-users of Performance Metrics

Introduction This working paper briefly sets out the background to the current project and reviews in detail seven key empirical studies, which examined the behaviour of politicians as ‘end-users’… read more

DP0804 Did early utility regulation work? An investigation of British railway regulation prior to the First World War

Abstract: It is commonplace to imagine that state-regulated private provision of utilities is a modern phenomenon. This is not so: Victorian Britain had publicly-regulated privately owned railway companies. Maximum… read more

DP0706 Did ‘Targets and Terror’ Reduce Waiting Times in England for Hospital Care?

Abstract: Waiting times have been a central concern in the English NHS, where care is provided free at the point of delivery and is rationed by waiting time. Pro-market… read more

DP0501 What’s Measured is What Matters: Targets and Gaming in the English Public Health Care System

Abstract: In the 2000s, governments in the UK, particularly in England, developed a system of governance of public services that combined targets with an element of terror. This has… read more