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The Programme has commissioned 47 research projects and fellowships at universities across the entire UK, all of which investigate some aspect of public service performance. The research was commisioned in three calls that took place at intervals over the period from late 2004 to early 2007. For more information on the specific themes of the Programme’s research and its calls see the ‘about us’ section of the website.

Below you will find a list of all of the Programme’s research projects and fellowships. Each has its own page containing information about the project or fellowship and contact details for the researchers involved. To save scrolling through all the projects, you can use the category menu on the right-hand side of the page to search for projects by ‘call’ or ‘topic’.

Principal Investigator: Sally Lloyd-Bostock (London School of Economics)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0087
Status: Completed

An Analysis of Data on Registration and Fitness to Practice Cases Held by the General Medical Council in the Context of Risk-Based Approaches to Medical Regulation

While medical care has played a major part in increasing life expectancy and improving the quality of those longer lives, it is a risky business. Up to the Nineteenth… read more

Principal Investigator: Gordon Marnoch (University of Ulster)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0008
Status: Completed

An Exploratory Study of Parliamentarians and their Use of Healthcare Performance Metrics: The Scottish Parliament Health and Community Care Committee

Sets of numbers purporting to represent the performance of public services are much prevalent in current politics. With incumbent governments eager to trumpet the success of their initiatives when… read more

Principal Investigator: Martin Smith
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 37
Status: Completed

Analysing delivery chains in the Home Office

Policy makers can make policies, but it is far harder to ensure that these policies are implemented and achieve the desired results. Policies are not delivered by policy makers… read more

Principal Investigator: Rowena Jacobs
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 31
Status: Completed

Are Composite Measures a Robust Reflection of Performance?

Current government policy in England emphasises the creation and publication of composite performance measures which are used widely in health, social care, education, the environment and other public sector… read more

Principal Investigator: Steve Martin
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0034
Status: Completed

Comparing for Improvement: The Development and Impact of Public Services Audit and Inspection in UK Local Government

Education, health, the criminal justice system and local government in the UK have all been the focus of the quest for public service improvement over the last decade. Each… read more

Principal Investigator: Iain McLean
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 60
Status: Completed

Correlates of Success in Performance Assessment

Over the last 15 years British governments have searched for new ways of assessing how well bodies such as local authorities and health authorities are working. As a result,… read more

Principal Investigator: Jan Clarkson
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 49
Status: Completed

Creating a Clinical, Economic and Psychological Research Resource

NHS dental services face a number of well documented difficulties, including patients having problems gaining access to NHS dental care, the suggestion of rising costs and falling quality. In… read more

Principal Investigator: Charlotte Humphrey (KCL)
ESRC REF: RES-RES-153-25-0101/0102/0103
Status: In progress

Equality, Diversity and Fitness to Practise: exploring and explaining variation in the identification, handling and outcomes of concerns about doctors

There has been concern for some time about possible inequalities in how poorly performing doctors are identified and dealt with by the NHS and in the formal regulatory processes… read more

Principal Investigator: Susan White
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0048
Status: Completed

Error, Blame and Responsibility in Child Welfare: Problematics of Governance in an Invisible Trade

The social care of children involves inherently difficult issues of risk management, which are thrown up by every tragedy in which non-intervention or failure of monitoring by child care… read more

Principal Investigator: Keith Dowding
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 56
Status: Completed

Exit and Voice as a Means of Enhancing Service Delivery

What happens to the quality of public services when government places ‘choice’ high on its list of priorities? Does choice increase competition and so increase service quality over all?… read more

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