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Principal Investigator: Sally Lloyd-Bostock (London School of Economics)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0087
Status: Completed

An Analysis of Data on Registration and Fitness to Practice Cases Held by the General Medical Council in the Context of Risk-Based Approaches to Medical Regulation

While medical care has played a major part in increasing life expectancy and improving the quality of those longer lives, it is a risky business. Up to the Nineteenth… read more

Principal Investigator: Gordon Marnoch (University of Ulster)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0008
Status: Completed

An Exploratory Study of Parliamentarians and their Use of Healthcare Performance Metrics: The Scottish Parliament Health and Community Care Committee

Sets of numbers purporting to represent the performance of public services are much prevalent in current politics. With incumbent governments eager to trumpet the success of their initiatives when… read more

Principal Investigator: Charlotte Humphrey (KCL)
ESRC REF: RES-RES-153-25-0101/0102/0103
Status: In progress

Equality, Diversity and Fitness to Practise: exploring and explaining variation in the identification, handling and outcomes of concerns about doctors

There has been concern for some time about possible inequalities in how poorly performing doctors are identified and dealt with by the NHS and in the formal regulatory processes… read more

Principal Investigator: Debbie Cohen (Cardiff University)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0092
Status: Completed

Identifying Biographical and Biopsychosocial Risk Factors amongst Under Performing Doctors

Taking responsibility for life or death situations would faze most of us, but we expect doctors to manage them with professionalism and expertise. But what if you were a… read more

Principal Investigator: Trudie Roberts (University of Leeds)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0084
Status: Completed

Learning Responsibility? Exploring Doctors’ Transitions to New Levels of Medical Responsibility

Performance in medicine, as for professionals in other fields, can be shaped by the way career shifts play out and how the individual adapts to a new social context… read more

Principal Investigator: Mark Exworthy
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0100
Status: Completed

Managing Medical Performance: A Pilot Study to Investigate the Impact of Surgical Performance Upon Clinicians and Managers

Does transparent reporting of performance data improve the performance of public service professionals? Public reporting of hospital death rates has been adopted in several states and countries in recent… read more

Principal Investigator: Steven Van de Walle (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0004
Status: Completed

Public Attitudes towards Services of General Interest in Comparative Perspective

Who counts what as ‘public services’? The term is often used as if it had some single canonical meaning. But in fact there are many different possible ways of… read more

Principal Investigator: Tobias Jung (Edinburgh University)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0015
Status: Completed

Public Services Reform in Scotland: Current Knowledge and Future Prospects

In recent years, attempts to drive up standards in Scotland’s public services have resulted in a period of substantial reform. The aim is to improve public service performance by… read more

Principal Investigator: Mary Dixon-Woods
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0009
Status: Completed

Regulating Doctors: Between Performance and Practice

When a high profile scandal hits, whether it is Enron, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, or dramatic medical failures, it is claimed that the regulatory regime has failed and a… read more

Principal Investigator: Tim Ensor
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0088
Status: Completed

Regulation, ‘Donated Labour’ and the NHS Reforms

Public sector productivity and service quality is often held to be dependent, at least in part, on non-financial incentives- public sector motivations (PSM) – the beliefs values and attitudes… read more

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