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Principal Investigator: Oliver James (University of Exeter)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0014
Status: Completed

Standards of Evidence for Assessing Public Service Performance

Many different kinds of evidence are used to judge the performance of public service organisations, including administrative statistics, surveys of user satisfaction and the professional opinions of auditors and… read more

Principal Investigator: Jan Illing (Newcastle University)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0097
Status: Completed

The Experiences of UK, EU and Non-EU Medical Graduates Making the Transition to the UK Workplace

The developed countries draw heavily from the developing world for medical professionals, and international mobility among doctors and nurses is a marked feature of health care systems today. The… read more

Principal Investigator: Gerry McGivern (King's College London)
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0095
Status: Completed

The Visible and Invisible Performance Effects of Transparency in Medical Professional Regulation

Bentham’s dictum ‘the more we are watched, the better we behave’ is often asserted as a truism. It is, therefore, no surprise that in a profession where poor decision-making… read more

Principal Investigator: Colin Talbot (Manchester University)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0013
Status: Completed

Theories of Performance

When a doctor prescribes you a treatment for a particular sickness you may well be unimpressed if she is unable to explain how and why that treatment will make… read more

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