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Principal Investigator: Gordon Marnoch (University of Ulster)
ESRC REF: RES-153-27-0008
Status: Completed

An Exploratory Study of Parliamentarians and their Use of Healthcare Performance Metrics: The Scottish Parliament Health and Community Care Committee

Sets of numbers purporting to represent the performance of public services are much prevalent in current politics. With incumbent governments eager to trumpet the success of their initiatives when… read more

Principal Investigator: Martin Smith
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 37
Status: Completed

Analysing delivery chains in the Home Office

Policy makers can make policies, but it is far harder to ensure that these policies are implemented and achieve the desired results. Policies are not delivered by policy makers… read more

Principal Investigator: Nigel Rice
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0038
Status: Completed

International Comparison of Responsiveness using Anchoring Vignettes

International rankings of public service performance are common today, but they can be beguiling when differences between the countries ranked are less than the likely measurement error and when… read more

Principal Investigator: Iain McLean
ESRC REF: RES-201-25-0001
Status: Completed

Options for Britain II

What are the major strategic choices to be faced in the provision of public services in Britain over the next decade, and how can the research of the Public… read more

Principal Investigator: Andreas Cebulla
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0070
Status: Completed

The Police under Public Scrutiny-Experiences, Perceptions and Reactions to a Public Service Institution 1982-2003

The British Crime Survey is an extraordinary and under-used resource. It records the opinions and victimisation risks of a representative sample population in England and Wales (including details about… read more