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Principal Investigator: Rowena Jacobs
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 31
Status: Completed

Are Composite Measures a Robust Reflection of Performance?

Current government policy in England emphasises the creation and publication of composite performance measures which are used widely in health, social care, education, the environment and other public sector… read more

Principal Investigator: Steve Martin
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0034
Status: Completed

Comparing for Improvement: The Development and Impact of Public Services Audit and Inspection in UK Local Government

Education, health, the criminal justice system and local government in the UK have all been the focus of the quest for public service improvement over the last decade. Each… read more

Principal Investigator: Iain McLean
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 60
Status: Completed

Correlates of Success in Performance Assessment

Over the last 15 years British governments have searched for new ways of assessing how well bodies such as local authorities and health authorities are working. As a result,… read more

Principal Investigator: Keith Dowding
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 56
Status: Completed

Exit and Voice as a Means of Enhancing Service Delivery

What happens to the quality of public services when government places ‘choice’ high on its list of priorities? Does choice increase competition and so increase service quality over all?… read more

Principal Investigator: Oliver James
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 36
Status: Completed

Expectations, Performance and Satisfaction

Many ‘objective’ measures of local government services suggest that performance is improving. Yet the satisfaction of citizens and users does not appear to be rising in line with these… read more

Principal Investigator: Rowena Jacobs
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0013
Status: Completed

Exploring the Impact of Public Services on Quality of Life Indicators

To most people awareness of public services is local, direct and immediate: do I feel safe on the streets or in my home? Is the school providing my child… read more

Principal Investigator: Maurice Sunkin
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-0081
Status: Completed

Impact of Litigation and Public Law on the Quality and Delivery of Public Services

The media assert as something of a truism that ours is swiftly becoming an increasingly litigious society. There is a general perception that rights are asserted, wrongs challenged and… read more

Principal Investigator: Andrew Goddard
ESRC REF: RES-153-25-00 17
Status: Completed

Performance, Strategy and Accounting

The drive to complement financial performance measures with broader measures of performance in the private sector has led to the widespread introduction of a ‘balanced scorecard’ approach. This approach… read more

Principal Investigator: George Boyne
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0026
Status: Completed

Public Services: Leadership Change and Public Services: Reinvigorating Performance or Reinforcing Decline?

New brooms, it is said, sweep clean and ‘turnaround teams’ (experts who come in to help ailing organisations with management and financial expertise) have become part of the landscape… read more

Principal Investigator: Kieran Walshe
ESRC REF: RES-166-25-0020
Status: Completed

Responding to Evidence of Poor Performance: Explaining Public Organisations’ Capacity to Deal with Failure

Human beings react to accusations of failure indifferent ways – embarrassment and confusion, furious denial, self-examination and promises of improvement. When evidence of failure emerges in public services, responses… read more

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