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Devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland was a landmark reform, but one born in relatively benign economic and political circumstances. The picture today could not be more different, following political upheaval and a rapid transformation in the economic sphere. The prospect of deep cuts to public spending is likely to put questions about resource allocation across the UK high on the public and political agendas and the strength of the devolution settlement will be tested in the coming years.

Devolution in Practice 2010 is divided into four parts.
Part 1: Devolution and social citizenship
Part 2: Devolution in a downturn
Part 3: Public services and social policy
Part 4: Devolution and delivery.

Curtice, J (2010) ‘Policy divergence : recognising difference or generating resentment’ in Lodge, G. and Schmuecker, K. (2010) (eds), Devolution in practice 2010, London, Institute for Public Policy Research