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Home » Library » Health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales: Stakeholders’ accounts and policy compared

Abstract: The election of a Labour government in 1997 brought the issue of health inequalities firmly back on to the policy agenda across the UK. Since then, in the wake of devolution, the need to tackle health inequalities has been highlighted as a policy priority in all three mainland UK countries, albeit with varying degrees of emphasis. This paper reports on a major cross-national study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, investigating how National Health Service bodies, local councils and partnerships make sense of their work on health inequalities, and examining the difference made by the contrasting approaches that have been taken to performance assessment in England, Wales and Scotland.

 B. Harrington, K. Smith, D. Hunter, L. Marks, T. Blackman, L. McKee, A. Greene, E. Elliott, G. Williams (2009 ) Health inequalities in England, Scotland and Wales: Stakeholders’ accounts and policy compared
Public Health, Volume 123, Issue 1, Pages e24-e28