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How are public service organizations governed? How can their performance be measured, managed and improved? Public services play a central role in the wellbeing, sustainability and growth of communities, cities and nations. Managing to Improve Public Services shows how management can be harnessed to improve a range of public services (e.g. policing, health, local government) by examining them through different theoretical lenses (e.g. governance, innovation and change, performance metrics and management). It advances both theory and practice, beyond traditional public administration and ‘new public management’, by considering the interrelationships between governance and public management.

Managing to Improve Public Services

Editors: Jean Hartley, Cam Donaldson, Chris Skelcher and Mike Wallace

Published by Cambridge University Press in November 2008

Contributors: Robin Wensley, Jean Hartley, Chris Skelcher, Paul M. Collier, Michael Pidd, Cam Donaldson, Angela Bate, Craig Mitton, Stuart Peacock, Danny Ruta, Mary O’Mahony, Philip Stevens, Lucy Stokes, Barbara Townley, Rachel Baker, Helen Mason, Michael Jones-Lee, Paul A. Longley, Michael Goodchild, Richard M.Walker, Fariborz Damanpour,  George Boyne, Mike Wallace, Michael Fertig.

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