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This volume is a follow up to its highly influential predecessor, Options for Britain, which in 1995 brought together a leading group of academics and policy experts to assess the key economic, social and constitutional policy options for Britain.

A decade on and the British political world is very different. Much of the analysis in Options for Britain has become accepted wisdom, and many of the policy proposals have become reality. However, there is also a sense of déjà vu. The Labour government has been in power for a decade and governments find it difficult to refresh themselves in power, as the legacy of their own decisions build up. It is in these historical moments that outside thinking such as that embodied within Options for a New Britain can have a decisive influence, helping to inform the public and key commentators, and to provide a source of ideas and inspiration.

Leading policy experts examine what has happened over the last decade across a broad range of key policy areas, what are the current challenges and what options might an incoming government- regardless of political persuasion- have to address them. Options for a New Britain, edited by Varun Uberoi, adam Coutts, Iain McLean and David Halpern is published by Palgrave Macmillan – available from February 2009.

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