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A special issue of the Journal of Health Organization and Management was published in November 2010.

Edited by Mary Dixon-Woods, Justin Waring and Sue Kilminster, the journal issue is based on the Programme’s Medical Regulation projects and includes the following papers:

Volume 24 issue 6

Modernising medical regulation: where are we now?
Justin Waring, Mary Dixon-Woods, Karen Yeung (pp. 540 – 555)

Learning practice? Exploring the links between transitions and medical performance
Sue Kilminster, Miriam Zukas, Naomi Quinton, Trudie Roberts (pp. 556 – 570)

Disclosing clinical performance: the case of cardiac surgery
Mark Exworthy, Glenn Smith, Jonathan Gabe, Ian Rees Jones (pp. 571 – 583)

The creation of risk-related information: The UK General Medical Council’s electronic database
Sally Lloyd-Bostock (pp. 584 – 596)

Medical regulation, spectacular transparency and the blame business
Gerry McGivern, Michael Fischer (pp. 597 – 610)