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Description:††The performance of the public services, from education and policing to health and recycling, is a matter of concern in many countries. Issues of public service efficiency, cost, and effectiveness have moved to the forefront of political debate. This book applies the latest thinking from Management and Organization Studies to the performance of public organizations in order to evaluate the merits of different mechanisms for driving improvement in the public sector.

Research in Management and Organization Studies on the private sector has identified a number of ‘drivers’ of improved performance, including innovation, organizational culture, leadership, and strategic planning. Many of these ‘private sector’ characteristics have emerged within public sector organisations in recent years. However, public managers face additional pressures, whether from regulators, constrained resources, or political interference. This book takes each of these drivers in turn and assesses whether they lead to improvement in public services.

Written for students and researchers of Public Management, this book will also be of interest to public managers and consultants.

1. Rachel Ashworth, George Boyne, and Tom Entwistle: Theories of Public Service Improvement: An Introduction
2. Rhys Andrews: Organizational Environments and Public Service Improvement
3. Stephen Martin: Regulation and Public Service Improvement
4. George Boyne: Strategic Planning and Public Service Improvement
5. Nicolai Petrovsky: The Role of Leadership
6. Rachel Ashworth: Organizational Culture and Improvement
7. Julian Gould-Williams: HRM and Public Service Improvement
8. Richard Walker: Innovation and Public Service Improvement
9. Tom Entwistle: Partnerships, Networks, and Alliances in Collaborative Public Service Delivery
10. James Downe: Organizational Learning and Public Service Improvement
11. Rachel Ashworth, George Boyne, and Tom Entwistle: Reflections on Public Service Improvement

Ashworth, R., Boyne, G.A. and Entwistle, T. (eds) (2010) Theories of Public Service Improvement: Theories and Evidence, Oxford, Oxford University Press