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Sponsored by the UK ESRC Public Services Programme

Twenty-eight participants from more than sixteen countries met at Worchester College in Oxford for the International Public Management Network Workshop on 7-9 August 2007. The theme for the event was the growing practice of ranking and rating public services, both at an international level and within particular countries. In line with the spirit of both the IPMN and the ESRC Public Services Programme, the conference proved an open, supportive and engaging forum for sharing research, discussing the state and future of ranking and rating and exploring the causes and effects of such practices.

The speakers were:

Selected photos from the event: (Click on thumbnails to view larger images)

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Tuesday, August 7

1200-1700 Check-in at Worcester College
1500-1700 Registration for IPMN workshop
  Tea, coffee and sandwiches available
1700-1900 Welcome and Introduction (Linbury Room): Larry Jones
  Rating the Rankings: Assessing International Rankings of Public Service Performance (IPMN paper abstracts in Word format)
  Presenter: Christopher Hood, University of Oxford
  Moderator: Larry Jones
  Discussant: George Frederickson
  This session will include invited guests from Oxford and other parts of the UK
1900-1930 Wine reception
1930-2130 Dinner in Hall
  The Courtyard Bar will be open for purchase of drinks after dinner

Wednesday August 8

0800-0900 Breakfast (all meals will be in the Hall of Worcester College)
0930-1200 Classer et évaluer les systèmes de santé: Conforter l’esprit partisan ou rechercher le bien public?
  Presenter: Jean de Kervasdoué, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris
  Moderator: Akilagpa Sawyerr
  Discussants: Christopher Hood, Clay Westcott
1045-1115 Coffee Break
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1500 Contested definitions of performance: Evaluating the performance of services of general interest (IPMN paper abstracts in Word format)
  Presenter: Steven van de Walle, University of Birmingham
  Moderator: Danilo Reyes
  Discussants: Colin Talbot, Cristopher Ballinas Valdes
1500-1515 Tea Break
1515-1715 Accurate performance measure but meaningless ranking exercise? An analysis of the new English school league tables (IPMN paper abstracts in Word format)
  Presenter: Deborah Wilson, University of Bristol
  The paper by Richard Elmore: When Good Policies Go Bad: Political Accountability and Quality of Service in Education will also be discussed in this session
  Moderator: Riccardo Mussari
  Discussants: Patricia Vertinsky, Perri 6
1730-1830 Buffet dinner
1900 Outdoor theatre visit (optional) or free time

Thursday, August 9

0800-0900 Breakfast
0930-1000 Further discussion of previous day’s presentations
1000-1230 The politics of governance ratings (IPMN paper abstracts in Word format)
  Presenter: Christiane Arndt, Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and Harvard University
  Moderator: Isabella Proeller
  Discussants: Akilagpa Sawyerr, Steven van de Walle
1045-1115 Coffee Break
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1600 Ranking in the Netherlands: A Case Study
  Presenter: Geert Bouckaert, University of Leuven
  Moderator: Perri 6
  Discussants: Ilan Vertinsky, Christopher Hood
1600-1615 Tea Break
1615-1715 Plenary Discussion
  Moderator: Deborah Wilson
  Rapporteurs: Alasdair Roberts, Alexander Kotchegura
1715-1800 Concluding Remarks:
  Larry Jones
  Christopher Hood
1800-1900 International Public Management Journal and Review editorial board meeting (for editorial board members). Convener: Larry Jones
1900-1930 Pre-dinner drinks on the Terrace
1930-2130 Conference Dinner
  The Courtyard Bar will be open for purchase of drinks after dinner

Friday August 10

0800-0900 Breakfast