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Home » Past Events » Oxford Internet Institute PSP Seminar Series- Technology, Public Policy Reform and Austerity

ESRC Public Services Programme and Oxford Internet Institute

Public Service Workshop Series Hilary Term 2010

Technology, Public Policy Reform and Austerity

12.30-1.45 Wednesdays weeks 3 to 8, Seminar Room, Oxford Internet Institute, 1 St Giles.

Conveners: Christopher Hood (All Souls, Department of Politics and IR) and Helen Margetts (Mansfield, Oxford Internet Institute)

How does government get “cut back” in a public spending crisis? In spite of the UK government’s original claims that spending on public services would not be cut as a result of the credit crisis and banking bailout of 2008, leaders of the main political parties now agree that cutting the public sector will be at the heart of any recovery plan. Public policy changes and use of the internet and related digital technologies are likely to figure large in such processes. The aim of this lunchtime workshop is to take a historical look at the way technology and public policy change have figured in past periods of austerity, and how spending cuts have been achieved by these means.

Full details can be found here