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Public Services Workshop Series Hilary Term 2006

sponsored by the ESRC Public Services Programme and Oxford Internet Institute

‘Ranking Public Services: from Local to Global’

12.30-1.45 Tuesdays weeks 2 to 8 , Seminar Room, Oxford Internet Institute
(week 5’s workshop will be held at All Souls College)

Conveners: Christopher Hood (All Souls, Department of Politics and IR) and Helen Margetts (Mansfield, Oxford Internet Institute)

Background: For over twenty years ratings and rankings have been widely used to rate public service performance within the UK and particularly England. School and university rankings, local authority league tables, micro-local crime data, heath trust ratings, are now part of our lives. International rankings of public services, governance and even quality of life (in cities, for example) have become commonplace over the last thirty years too, feeding into policy debate at the national level. The aim of this lunchtime workshop series is to look at the operation and design of different rankings systems, at the supply of and demand for rankings and at the way the rankings game is played by strategic actors from the local to the global level. The workshop will draw on and feed into the work done on rankings and performance indicators in the ESRC ‘Public Services’ programme of which Christopher Hood is currently Director.

The workshop, which has been going for several years, is a small informal group of faculty and graduate students interested in the analysis of public services and executive government. It aims to work wherever possible on the basis of pre-circulated short papers, with very short presentations followed immediately by discussion. It works as a ‘brown bag’ workshop, so bring your own sandwich. Water, juice and coffee will be provided. All are welcome to the workshop.

Week 2: Tuesday 24 January: Helen Margetts (Mansfield and OII, Oxford) and Christopher Hood (DPIR and All Souls College Oxford): introduction to the workshop

Week 3: Tuesday 31 January: Clare Leaver (Nuffield College Oxford): ‘Tournament Theory and Evidence’

Week 4: Tuesday 7 February: Alison Wolf (King’s College London): ‘Ranking Schools: Education League Tables’

Week 5: Tuesday 14 February: Nick Manning (World Bank and OECD): ’International rankings: from governance to public management’

Week 6: Tuesday 21 February: Iain McLean and Dirk Haubrich (DPIR and Nuffield College Oxford): ‘Ranking Local Authorities: Performance and Environment’

Week 7: Tuesday 28 February: Rowena Jacobs (University of York): ‘Ranking and Random Variation in Health Care’

Week 8: Tuesday 7 March: Shane Johnson (Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, UCL): ’From Ward-level Crime League Tables to Local Hotspot Analysis’