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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Instead of having to visit our website regularly to check if anything new has been added, you can ‘subscribe’ to one of our RSS feeds, and whenever we add any new content you will be automatically informed.

What do I need to use RSS?

You will need what is called an RSS reader (also known as ‘aggregators’ or ‘feed readers’). There are many different ones available, some are an application that runs in your computer, some are accessed using a web browser and some are included as part of your email software.

Once you have chosen a reader, you then subscribe to one of our feeds by clicking on the orange RSS button that is displayed at the top right of our website.

There are feeds available for different areas of our website, e.g. research projects, noticeboard, etc. You can subscribe to as many as you wish.

Find out more

You can find a list of available RSS readers at